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For six years now Somalia has topped the list of so-called ‘failed states’. This is due to the constant corruption, armed violence, terrorism and lack of human rights. As a consequence; many Somalis have been forced to leave the country, arriving in Europe as refugees.A number of them are currently living in a disused multi-storey car park in the ‘Bijlmer’ in Amsterdam; It is a building without any facilities, unfit for people to live in. Even though there are various nationalities living there, the predominance of Somalis is striking. Upon arrival in the Netherlands they all applied for asylum, their requests were mostly denied.One of these refugees is Ali, a man of 32 from Somalia. Ali was granted a temporary permit, so he could stay in the Netherlands legally for five years. However, this permit expired and he is now staying in the car park until his situation becomes clear. Last year he traveled around Somalia. While there, he took lots of photographs with his mobile phone, knowing he would have to leave his country again. Many refugees do not have such photos; they carry their memories in their minds. They long for Somalia and hope to return some day, when it is safe.