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How does it feel to be the Queen?

This book of portraits documents a series of performative actions that took place during May & June 2012 in London, aiming to provoke and question how each of us would have felt if we were born into the royal family and would have become Queen. Over 175 people of all ages took part in a series of performative actions, sitting for a photographic portrait wearing a replica of the Imperial State Crown, considering which emotions to expose or conceal, when posing and pondering… ‘If I Were The Queen’. The main concern was not the resulting photographic pictures, but the experience of the sitters, the savouring of the situation, their feelings, their moment in the royal ‘shoes’. All the people who took part in the project appear in this book, with the exception of those who stated that they would prefer not to be included. “If I Were The Queen” gave each sitter a chance to briefly reflect not only on a royal destiny but also on their own life and the choices they make for themselves.