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Lilly Lulay’s Mindscapes series, begun in 2007 and still ongoing, is made exclusively using found photographs sourced from different places and times. Cropped and recombined by the artist, these images that once have belonged to others became abstract compositions, scenes of an inner world of memory and imagination to which no camera has access: Mindscapes. If seen from a certain distance, the collages recall subjects such as mountains, panoramas, urban buildings, whereas from closer up they reveal a plethora of fragments: small portions of reality that others have voluntarily framed or included casually in their photographs, shot and then sold, abandoned or lost. For the publication original sized reproductions of the Mindscapes are accompanied by full format pages with blown-up images. These render visible haptic aspects of the original collages: relief structures and the materiality of papers used, scratches, dust and remains of glue. Lilly Lulay’s Mindscapes—all works are unique pieces—had been shown in various group and solo shows in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and the US. The publication is the first one to date, which puts together works from the past eight years with essays from four different authors (one English, one French, two German), each of them offering an individual viewpoint on the series.