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Murat Germen, is regarded as one of the most important representatives of contemporary photography in Turkey. The main thesis of the book, which covers the series that the artist has created since 2000, is the artist’s authentic contemporary interpretation he captured through his photographs. In addition to two essays by Murathan Mungan, one of the most effective Turkish writers of our time, and Necmi Sönmez, who works at Lepsien Foundation Düsseldorf as well as Borusan Contemporary Istanbul, the book also includes an interview of Barbara Hofmann-Johnson (the ex-curator of Photographische Sammlung Köln and the director of Museum für Photographie Braunschweig) with the artist. An organic bond between New Turkey’s photographer Murat Germen’s book and his latest works stands out. The artist, who exhibited challenging visual experimentations with his “Muta-morphosis” series, continues his artistic practice on urban photography in his recent works. Both Muta-morphosis and Facsimile series focus on the perpetual transformation of the urban scenes. Regardless of the subject, perspective or technique; the artist handles the cultural, economic and social geography shaped by New Turkey in such unexpected ways that his works forms a “personalised” documentary approach, that is difficult to comprehend at first glance.