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Eye — conductor. Where does the gaze bring? Watch and see. Where does the seeing happen? And if it happens, it also means it might not happen? This work is the experience of splitting the watching process. I direct the look and run into the horizon. I go back and run into the wall. Unconscious habit of watching. I sweep my glance, appropriate by a look, but come forever late, lose it and break the firm line. To try and grab the visible entirely, allow it to manifest itself, I need to drop out of the habit — to get lost and to lose. “The irrevocable split of vision. Close your eyes and watch.” A paradox for the photographer. Photo gives an illusion of simultaneity of watching. I look at the thing — the thing looks at me. Do I immediately see what looks at me, or is there a gap? Some kind of buffer zone; a territory in between. Liberty. Nothing has happened until the end yet, but it potentially has millions of opportunities. Or nothing.