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The purpose of this series of photobooks is to create an impression of the experience and poetry of walking through socially and ecologically rich landscapes.  Art and walking has a distinct place in art history–exhibitions, book projects and related non-fiction works such as Rebecca Solnit’s “Wanderlust: A History of Walking” and “The Art of Walking: A Field Guide” by David Evans have created an exciting discourse that is relevant in our increasingly urban, globalized and mobile societies.  I will shoot with color film as a way to further slow down the process of being and making (shooting film creates a latent image until developed in chemistry and cannot be instantly viewed and scrutinized). After the shooting process, the photograhs will be sequenced in book form, focusing on conveying the slowness and psychological states of being  experienced when moving at a speed that allows for contemplation, asynchronous thought and physical movement in relation to the landscape.  The significance of using the book form is that it runs counter to prevailing photographic techniques that are digital and instant in their creation and dissemination.  The book form is one of our final refuges for experiencing photographs in a personal, slow and physically interactive way.