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The entire visual material used for the six images forming the series. “Construction d´images” origins from one source. An tourist image-guide book of the city of Cologne, published in 1961 which presented out- and inside views of the cities architectural sights. In each collage two pages of this book are joined through manual cutting and pasting. Thereby two photographic perspectives on the cityscape are merged. Using elements of the books layout, as subtitles and page numbers and architectural elements represented in the photographs as templates for my intervention I took down walls, ceilings, balconies and floors with a scalpel and filled up resulting voids with cut-outs of a second image. Framed within the architectural setup of a pages layout seemingly coherent, still architecturally impossible structures arise. Finished collages were scanned, printed out in large scale format and fixed on top and bottom between wooden bars. Thereby reminding of charts and maps one might know from geography lessons. Inside the exhibition space the photographed architectural highlights of Cologne gain a insisting presence. At the same time the extreme blow up of the photo collages gives visibility to rasterizations and cuts inside the original material. As the beholder approaches the image its elements of construction appear.