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Cherry blossom time in Tokyo turned out to be truly wonderful, more wonderful than I could ever have imagined. The photographer’s experience, however, might have been the perfect blueprint for the most cliched picture show on earth. So I selected a handful of images representing people’s faces in close-up, transfixed by sheer happiness, and juxtaposed them with more abstract ones to create a beautiful photobook in grainy, slightly Daido-ish black and white. Petal-like bits and pieces of garish pink and green float across the pages to re-create the feeling of lightness. For an additional moment of surprise, I inserted two pages with the title and subtitle into the book instead of placing them on the front cover, and created a special third one for the imprint, an image in its own right. This bookwork comes in the shape of a slim magazine, just like my earlier book about Japan, but it is a first in that the photography comes in black and white. The only exception: A huge Easter Bunny styled in neon rainbow, a playful take on the spirit in the streets and parks I found so amazing.