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I fell in love with Istanbul many, many years ago. The photographs in this slim, magazine-style bookwork were taken during two workshops in the city in 2013 and 2014. 

In my photography I often start with a mystery, a detail that appears huge because in extreme close-up, such as the shape of a horse that may be the real animal – or not. The viewer’s eye is free to roam the space beyond, triggering individual responses through their minds and imaginations. Multiple cities and multiple dreams may spring into existence, visions as fascinating and as confusing as the Istanbul I roamed myself. The concept of the book’s design is that of large colour photographs, some of them set as borderless double spreads, but most of them set in twos and opposite each other, surrounded by white on three sides – three in order to make them “fly off” the pages and make it easier for the viewer to immerse themselves in the illusion.