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Plánētes — The title of this work by Birgit Krause is derived from the Greek word for “roamers” or “wanderers”. She took pictures of the sun, the moon, and the stars. The photos also show technical devices, boxes, rocks – apparently a reference to scientific work. One believes to see the documents of an astronomical journey. That’s what it might look like out there: infinite space, cool rocks, colourless landscapes, the glistening and green depth of the oceans. Playing with our imagination and our perception of reality, Birgit Krause questions the reality content of our perceived conceptions, thereby taking us on a trip full of alluring illusions. The appeal of deception might also be what creates the lasting effect of her photographs – phantasms of a dreamlike beauty. Trusting her own vision entirely, the photographer does not stage her pictures, but finds a new, strange land in reality. Ute Mahler