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‘Please Watch U R You Head’ is the warning that greets visitors to the roof of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. One of the many monks or priests who work and worship there has been compelled to etch the words into the top of the archway, which many may have bumped their heads against in the past. A glowing cross etched above the inscription adds the possibility that the the effect on one’s head may be of a more spiritual, even religious kind. The warning seems like an apt metaphor for visitors to the city, which has its own psychiatric syndrome named after it; the Jerusalem Syndrome. Many who walk through the city, since the middle ages and still today – find the experience very overwhelming and some, often those with an underlaying condition, get lost in their reveries. The book invites the reader to a safe, hand held virtual tour of the city- with its colours, streets and sights to make up their own mind and is available for purchase here