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Thousands of young couples from every corner of the planet are se ing up businesses, simply and quickly, from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Usually unemployed, a e ed by the hopeless crisis of our days, members of the “Facebook generation” and unafraid of exposing their intimacy for few hundred bucks a week; these enterprising pairs o er sex performances online. Their virtual, on-demand peepshows can be found on several websites, where you can watch them waiting “ready to have sex for you” on live  ream until the moment you decide to pay for a ion. Tediousphilia is a manual for “newcomers” based on Laia Abril series which documents the boringness and tedium suffered by vernacular webcam sex-performer couples in the standby, before-sex moment in the not-that-virtual second-life. Being aware of belonging to a generation where the Internet and social networks have changed our way of seeing, showing, communicating and living, Abril decided to keep part of her photographic projects documenting the realities that the Internet o ers.