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The Light Of A Fading Sun, is about a spiritual exploration for balance. This project represents itself in the form of visual dualities that I continue to encounter in both my internal and external worlds. The principle of Yin-Yang is the simplest way of illustrating the balance of these dualities. Driven by a love of mystery, I find myself searching for visual vignettes (moments) that express these dualities. These moments are often found during an active journey to make photographs, or they are captured passively as the instance occurred spontaneously in front of me. The concept of finding a balance (either within a singular photographic subject, in the use of pairs, and in each set of sequences within the book) mirrors the internal balance I seek as a human being and as an artist. A fading sun brings the darkness of the night, but that darkness is always followed by the morning dawn. This book exemplifies ZP’s minimalist concepts and Wabi-Sabi design aesthetic.  The binding of The Light Of A Fading Sun was intentionally created to slightly deteriorate and damage itself along these Wabi-Sabi ideals, thus allowing the reader to experience the beauty of imperfection.